Sunday, April 05, 2015

Capture life 365–week 52 a.k.a I’ve finally made it!

week 52 4Christmas morning love – sibling hugs and gifts!week 52 5Christmas day spent with both sides of our family – what a treat to have my mum & brother, Petes mum, stepdad, sister and niece to celebrate with!week 52 6week 52 11Happy mum, happy son!granLooking at Grans new toy and working out how to do selfies.

week 52 12Enjoying the kiwi summer – picnic dinners and swims at the beach with family and friendsweek 52 14week 52 15BFF’s reunited!week 52 16week 52 17Serenaded by the sounds of a band playing on the back of a boat in the harbour while enjoying fish and chips at the beach.

week 52 18Bush walks and eeling in the reserve next to where we were staying.week 52 19week 52 21

week 52 23Making up for lost time at the library. Nerdy or not, we don’t care. We MISS the library!

It feels kinda weird to be at the end of my Capture Life 365 project.  An anti-climax of sorts, like there should at least be some fantastic, super meaningful picture to end with, but instead it’s my kids and their library books.

I started it with the goal of capturing small glimpses of the here and now. Intentionally recording the messy, hard, joyous, mundane, impossible and downright beautiful chaos that is my life. Everyday. In 365 pictures over 365 days, I wanted to try to capture what this season in my life looks like. I wanted to find the joy in the mess, the good in the hard and the beauty in the mundane.

If I had a grand finale photo it might almost seem like there is nothing more worth capturing, but instead, even as I soon face a new season of children leaving home, whether I continue to capture it or not, the ‘here and now’ continues, and I will choose to be fully present in it always looking for the joy, the good and the beauty. To see God at work in the mess, the hard and the mundane. Living life, 365.

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