Sunday, October 11, 2009

The road less travelled - part 1

As some of you already know, change is in the air for the Gordons! What you may not know is why on earth would we do such a crazy thing! Probably over the course of a few posts, this will be my attempt to invite you, our friends to share in our story, pray with us each step of the way and celebrate our incredible God that can move mountains and at the same time speak in whispers. To see how God plants a seed then waters and nurtures it for years and years until it is strong enough to be transplanted into the garden He’s planned for it to grow in. About the dreams of a little girls heart that a big God cares so much about He lets her think they’re her own……..

All good stories have a beginning (ours doesn’t have an end yet!), but I think the beginning’s the best place to start to begin to understand how our All Powerful God has moved and how He’s been working behind the scenes for years to accomplish His plan. We know this is a HUGE opportunity and challenge we have accepted and sometimes we want to scream with excitement, other times run in the opposite direction! Either way, we want you to personally join us as we begin possibly the craziest adventure of our lives to date…! Please join us as we begin our journey on the road less traveled…

As far back as I can remember all my growing up years were spent dreaming of becoming a missionary. I remember crying on altercalls because I felt the call of God so strongly on my life to serve Him amongst those who were most vulnerable and needy. As I grew I had my life plan sorted out - Finish school as soon as I could, train as a nurse, get married, have kids, go on the mission field. Yes, in that order! If life was only that simple!

Little did I know that a boy was growing up in a town several hours away from mine with that same desire to be a missionary – his road would have different bumps in it to mine, but by the time we met and married his heart would be sold out to God and his hands would be ready to serve.

We started off married life working at a childrens camp in Hawkes Bay, God separately reminded both Pete and I a few nights ago of a camper asking Pete the question “How many kids are you and Danielle going to have?” “Fifty!” was Petes quick reply. We laughed at the time, loving the gullability of kids as he thought Pete was serious! (Like who has 50 kids?!) But as years of married life went by – children came, and came, and came! (to date 19 children have been in our home for various lengths of time, including our bio kids) & who knows what the future will hold!

Looking back over the past 15 years & more, we can see God orchestrating events that we didn’t realise the implications of til now, and we know that there will be many more along the way – I could spend all day, recounting times of Gods training and crazy goodness, but tomorrow will give you just a few that stand out as significant. (Don't ya just love a bit of suspense?!)

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Ruth said...

look forward to hearing more Danielle!
Love Ruth in Queenstown :o)

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