Saturday, April 04, 2015

Capture life 365–week 51

week 51 2Hello NZ quirkiness – we’ve missed you! We found these decorated pianos all over our old hometown inviting people to sit and play a while.

week 51 4We arrived back in time to join in with our good homeschooling friends end of year prizegiving – Lily got her first certificate in four years. Obviously a bit unsure as to what to do when someone puts their hand out to shake!

week 51 5Jetlag taking its toll on Pete!

week 51 7Backyard woodfired pizza with the cuzzies before getting into the Christmas spirit with a Christmas concert in the park.week 51 8

week 51 9Cousins happy to be together again!week 51 10We’re all having so much fun in the rain…week 51 12Kiwis know how to stick it out! Staying until someone finally makes the decision to call it off!

week 51 13Enjoying things we often take for granted, kids going on a bike ride. Something that’s not an option for us in Uganda. Soaking it up while we can.

week 51 15Christmas lights trail with friends. Santa said “I can do cool!” when the teenagers didn’t want their photo taken with him. Yes, Santa – you most definitely can! week 51 16

While walking back to the van, I thought I’d photo bomb the teens we’d come with. Confidently shouting ‘photobomb’ as they took a photo, before falling onto the group and proudly telling my friend I’d just got them good, Riana informed me that it was a group of total strangers I’d ‘got’. According to Riana, the shocked and confused looks on their faces was worth my embarrassment! In my defence, it was dark.

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