Saturday, January 10, 2015

Capture life 365–week 49

Images from our week. Several weeks ago!week 49 2week 49 3week 49 5week 49 10week 49 11

Don’t mess with Halima when she’s eating a chappatti!

week 49 12week 49 13week 49 15week 49 16Manicures and pedicures to celebrate Imuka mums on their last day of training.

week 49 18Two days before flying out. Fingers still intact – just.  Apparently one of the most spectacular accidents ever. I’m surprised his injuries weren’t worse. Just some sprains, fat lip, lots of grazes & bruising and a concussion. Just what we needed before flying out!week 49 20The remains of Joes glove. R.I.P.

I’ll spare you the remains of his hand!

week 49 25A farewell outing with friends to a mall with a Christmas tree (the fact that it had a Christmas tree was quite exciting for us! The mall itself – not so exciting but it does have a supermarket!) Life here is full of hello’s and goodbyes. Thankful that the separation of oceans doesn’t mean the separation of friendships. It sure does make it harder though… This goodbye was to a good friend and her family who will have left Uganda by the time we get back.

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